Spiritual Principles behind the Traditions

My Intention

It comes from many directions, this inspiration–unique in its power to not only uplift but transform the scenery of my life–but the root, for me,  is the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I realize after four years of living these truths  that the principles are spiritual.  That is to say they exist in all religions (and often outside of them).  Me, I know this.  But I feel that I’m one of the really, really lucky ones.

Because I was not going to understand “spiritual truth” through intellect alone.  Matter of fact, spiritual truth was closer to nonsense when viewed from the lens of pure reason. And  I don’t think I’m the only one like this.

Which is why I’m one of the lucky ones: I have a life-threatening, often invisible (to those who don’t know the psychological symptoms) illness which will destroy my life and all the things I love in it if I don’t attend to it.  And this is not some prozac-glazed stare at defeat or some crazy-man’s insistence the silver lining exists through the monsoon (though he may not be so crazy…).  I mean it: I’m lucky.  There was no way I was EVER going to get ‘spiritual truth’ (whatever that is) without an addiction.  It’s still my root, my origin, the truth by which I measure all other contenders (and pretenders).

Why even bother with spiritual truth?

The shortest answer: because life is for the living, and for enjoying.  And I see so many people–so many unfortunate, non-addicted (or at least glaringly so) people, who, unlike me, don’t have the gift of desperation–drifting through their lives slightly miserable, slightly desperate, but totally functional.

I’m tired of keeping all this inspiration to myself.  I see it everywhere, see it in all religions (and even outside), but I realize a lot of people don’t.  I can no longer keep all this to myself, and I’m gonna try my absolute best to share some of my perceptions with you, and see if you can’t also grasp it.

Please: I’d love to hear your comments, your struggles, your experience.  I’ll hope you’ll find something of your own highest truth.

–Mike Dorman


One comment on “My Intention

  1. Abby
    October 6, 2012

    It is so awesome to hear someone grateful for their addiction. I too feel incredibly blessed to have gone through active addiction in order to find the spiritual path…wouldn’t change a thing.
    Thanks for sharing…So happy I stumbled upon your blog!

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