Spiritual Principles behind the Traditions

The End Does Not Look Pretty

His chin lies on his chest. Dad’s chin, just stuck there on his chest! Helpless, head bowed, chin and chest inseparable as if both were made of Velcro. A vegetative … Continue reading

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In Interest of a Higher Religious Debate

In Interest of a Higher Religious Debate         the strawman fallacy: You misrepresent someone’s argument to make it easier to attack. (Or: I don’t believe in the … Continue reading

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7 Lessons from a 7 year fast

Okay, okay: seven years clean from drugs and alcohol has less religious connation than “fasting”, but maybe it shouldn’t.  Religion connects us to the universal after all, and the path … Continue reading

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What I learned from St. Francis (and Chesterton)

I’m not a Catholic. Here’s an analogy:  There are some people who get up on Sundays and wrap themselves in clothes, in black and yellow clothes.  Most of these t-shirts, … Continue reading

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An Ancient Facelift

For my girlfriend Carina, Tucson, Arizona is as close to heaven to not make much of a difference.  Therefore, she needs to buy every cactus she comes across while traversing … Continue reading

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Integral Post | Postmodern Churches and the Dialectics of Jazz Improvisation

Integral Post | Postmodern Churches and the Dialectics of Jazz Improvisation.

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Post-Modern Problems

The problems that exist at one level of consciousness can only be solved at a higher level of consciousness             –Albert Einstein By most standards, I’m not the greatest Christian. … Continue reading

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